Responsibility & Sustainability

b.effect is committed to community responsibility and sustainability. Our goal is to ensure all of our delicious craft beers are created in an environmentally friendly way so that you can enjoy a specially made, sustainable beer on and off the slopes.

Small changes can cause great effects

Community Responsibility

Our mission is to maximise impact and strengthen community relationships. We focus on our core values and principles while reinforcing the ethos of reduce, reuse, recycle throughout the company.

We also partner with a variety of local Wanaka groups and community events, including:

  • Avalanche Dogs
  • Search & Rescue
  • Coast Guard
  • Bike Wanaka
  • Ski touring / ski community

b.effect is proud to contribute to local events and festivals year-round. See the list of events  you can find our sustainable beer at throughout New Zealand.


We live and breathe the concept of reduce, reuse, recycle to make our tasty, sustainable beer:

Brewery sustainability

  • The brewery in Wanaka is run off of renewable energy purchased from Genesis
  • We offer plenty of bicycle parking to encourage folks to visit in an eco-friendly way and also to not drink and drive

Brewing sustainability efforts

  • Spent grain from our brewing process are used as cow feed for a local farm
  • We always reuse and recycle malt bags
  • Energy usage is reduced with a heat exchanger, which reclaims heat from boiled wort and transfers it to hot water for our next batch

Packaging sustainability

  • We save all packaging, boxes, bags for reuse on our next run
  • We also switched to eco-friendly 4 & 6 pack holder and are moving away from plastic

We use cans for our beer because they are better for the beer and the environment. They are also perfect for taking in your pack on the lake or up the mountain. Here are just a few of the benefits of using cans:

  • They are 95% recyclable and can be recycled indefinitely. You can crush cans and they won’t break. Glass is only 65% recyclable and is a lot heavier to remove.
  • Cans are 35% lighter than bottles, requiring less fuel to transport them. They are also 40% smaller by volume and use less packaging.
  • Cans protect the beer from UV light that causes ‘light struck’ or ‘skunked’ flavours. Brown glass bottles are better than green or clear bottles, but light can still penetrate through brown glass.
  • They chill quickly and double stack in fridges. They are also better for coolers because they’re lighter, more compact and chill quicker than glass