We certainly know that we have a long way to go, but we hope that by joining the conversation and inviting open dialogue, we can make progress towards this goal, together. You’ll find here a list of things that we believe we’re doing to put our best foot forward as well as goals that we have made for ourselves to accomplish by 2025. we share these with you to provide transparency and in hopes that you hold us, yourselves, our friends, and competitors alike accountable.

b.effect is committed to continual innovation and investment in efficiency. We are taking steps to green up our beer production & distribution process while minimising our impact in a resource-intensive manufacturing business.

We know that we are only scratching the surface of what is possible so we welcome any and all feedback as we head into a new chapter. In an effort to continuously reduce our impact we would love to hear from you on how we can grow our sustainability initiatives. we encourage you to participate in the conversation so please reach out with any questions or comments.

We are currently undergoing a Carbon Footprint Audit with an outside consultant so we have a clear picture of our current impact on the environment. Only once knowing the reality of our situation can we then begin to make real changes. We are excited about this next phase and will continue being transparent about our findings and subsequent actions.

Download our Greenhouse Gas Emmissions Inventory

What We're Currently Doing

The brewery runs completely off Renewable Energy using Meridian Energy

Our spent brewers’ grain and adjuncts are sent to a local farm for cattle feed

We avoid the use of PVPP (microplastics) in fining our beer

Conduct a yearly Sustainability Audit with an outside consultant

Using 100% cans, instead of glass bottles, since cans have fewer greenhouse gas emissions over their whole life cycle

Our current water usage (water per litre of beer) is currently less than industry average.

Re-using cleaning chemicals recovered through a CIP system

Wherever possible, we engage local and New Zealand suppliers

Here’s what we plan on doing

Have the brewery completely powered from solar panels by 2024

Replace single use plastic and pallet wrap with reusable rope covers

Committed to making all our beers carbon neutral by 2023

Aim to have our water usage (water per litre of beer) down to half of the industry average

Committed to becoming Carbon Negative by 2025

We Love POW

All profits from this beer will go back to Protect our Winters Aotearoa – POW connects the outdoor community to protect the places they love from the impacts of climate change

Hero Dirt

b.effect is proud to partner with Bike Glendhu to conserve, protect, and restore our environment, starting here in Glendhu Bay.

A percentage from every can and pint of Hero Dirt will be donated to planting trees to help them work towards their goal of 30,000 trees planted by 2025.