Stop by our local brewery, b.effect, where we create all of our b.effect beverages, including all of our NZ craft beers as well cider, kombucha and non-alcoholic beverages. Our brewery, which is located beside our bar and restaurant can be hired as a venue for events and brews our craft beers. To grab one of our famous tasting trays, head next door to instead!

Matt Lamming and James Hay at Wanaka brewery

Our Story

Local Wanaka native James Hay started brewing refreshing, sessionable craft beers under the b.effect name back in 2015. All b.effect beers use the best local ingredients to create unique flavour profiles that are perfectly suited for the mountains and lake all year-round.

Change is our only constant, and we’re inspired by Edward Lorenz’s Butterfly Effect: small changes can cause great effects. Our philosophy is built on highlighting small changes in the brewing process that have large effects on the final product. Small changes in individual variables like using Pinot Noir yeast or fermenting and aging the beer in barrels display how small changes can have a great effect on the beer. All our beers are extensively researched and re-brewed as many times as needed to become the best beer that can be made.

In 2019, James teamed up with Matt and Anna Lamming (owners of local eatery Urban Grind and the Hawea Hotel) to create, a local brewery serving up delicious craft beers and tasty food in the heart of Anderson Heights. They took an old car mechanic shop and turned it into the brewery of their dreams – complete with an outdoor beer garden, upstairs mezzanine and beer tasting room.

Can Art

We’re proud to partner with local artist Jon Griffiths to create can art that perfectly suits the b.effect ethos and brand: light, refreshing and made for the outdoors. The paper marbling on the background designs was an idea that resonated with us immediately.

We use cans for our beer because they are better for the beer and the environment. They are also perfect for on the lake or up the mountain. Here are just a few of the benefits of using cans:

  • They are 95% recyclable and can be recycled indefinitely. You can crush cans and they won’t break. Glass is only 65% recyclable and is a lot heavier to remove.
  • Cans are 35% lighter than bottles, requiring less fuel to transport them. They are also 40% smaller by volume and use less packaging.
  • Cans protect the beer from UV light that causes ‘light struck’ or ‘skunked’ flavours. Brown glass bottles are better than green or clear bottles, but light can still penetrate through brown glass.
  • They chill quickly and double stack in fridges. They are also better for coolers because they’re lighter, more compact and chill quicker than glass.