b.effect’s Dry July Line-Up

b.effect’s Dry July Line-Up

Well, well, well, it’s that time of year again. When some of the more disciplined among us hang up their beer mugs for the month and proclaim Dry July.

Dry July actually began down under, when three of our Aussie neighbours decided to take a break from the drink for the month of July in 2008, all while raising money for a family member affected by cancer. A local radio station caught wind of the effort and the guys ended up raising over $250,000 that first July. From then on, Dry July has been an institution among even the most devoted beer lovers.

At b.effect, we stand for the Butterfly Effect; the idea that small changes can cause great effects. And the origins of Dry July demonstrate exactly that. So, while we didn’t start out aiming to brew non alcoholic products, we’re now all in with a range of delicious kombuchas and our newest beverage; hop water.

b.alive Kombucha

Our kombucha started out as an experiment (naturally) during New Zealand’s 2020 COVID-19 lockdown (and that’s the last time we’ll say the ‘c-word’, promise). When we finally got it juuust right, we called it b.alive; encouraging us to celebrate and make the most of life’s adventures – but without the hangover.

Kombucha is now one of our most beloved brews and we’ve expanded the range to include four varieties. Original, Jasmine, and Earl Grey. With strong floral notes and a hint of fruity undertones, it’s probiotic, sparkling and most importantly, guilt-free.

Psst. hot tip! Be sure to check out our kombucha FAQs. There’s some handy info in there like dietary information, refrigeration instructions and what the hell a scoby is. Just click this link here and scroll down to the bottom of the page.

Curio Hop Water

Rounding out our non alcoholic range is our new-kid-on-the-block, Curio Hop Water. Yep, hop water. Now stay with us here. Hop water is essentially carbonated water infused with the flavouring of hops.

Contrary to popular belief, hop water is not the same as non alcoholic beer. Non alcoholic beer uses grains, so contains gluten, carbs and calories. Hop water, on the other hand, contains approximately… none of those things.

While we’re the only one selling hop water commercially in New Zealand (that we know of…), it’s going off overseas. This is because it’s significantly easier to make than non alcoholic beer. Similar results, less hassle. Makes sense to us.

Plus, let’s not forget that it’s totally delicious. Think of a cold hop sparkling tea. See, the thing is; water is boring. And hop water is just as hydrating. So take Curio on your mountain missions, your ski days, your lake days and your bike laps. It’s sugar-free, artificial flavour-free and most importantly, guilt-free.

So who’s with us?! Give our non alcoholic range a try and shop kombucha and hop water right here on our website, delivered straight to your door. And if you love it, give our subscriptions a go, so you’re stocked up on non alcoholic goodness no matter which month it is!
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