Core Range

Our Beers

b.effect has been making delicious NZ craft beers since 2015. From our sessionable Wanaka Lager and fan favourite Pop’n Pils to unique flavour profiles in our Hazy IPA and Special K Kombucha, there’s a tasty beverage waiting for you in our range of craft beers. We use the best local ingredients in each of our refreshing, delicious craft beers.

Our core range of beers includes a lager, pilsner, IPA and pale ale, covering all the basics when it comes to tasty craft beer.

Central Otago Ales

One of the reasons why Wanaka craft beers are so special is because Central Otago provides a unique climate and exceptionally fresh glacial water for us to make our beers.

Special Brews

Not into craft beer? Don’t worry – we also make a delightful cider and kombucha we guarantee you’ll love.